"Scott is a professional with extremely unique and vibrant photos. We looked for a long time at many different photographers before finally settling on Scott. He does not produce your run-of-the-mill wedding photos which look staged or cheesy. Instead, he provides a relaxing and comfortable environment to capture the essence of the event. He is extremely easy to work with and makes the entire process feel natural. I would whole-heartedly recommend him for anyone looking for excellent, affordable photos and a smooth process."

"Scott Quinn is fabulous! He was a joy to work with and we will use him again and recommend him to everyone! Scott was professional, diligent in his attention to detail, always available for clarification via email or phone, and very comfortable to be around. Best of all, he listened to us! We had a very tight timeframe in which he could capture the pictures and we were specific in the type of pictures we wanted. We got everything we asked for! On the day of our wedding, Scott managed to be everywhere and always available when we needed a picture taken, but you never noticed he was around. He did not make himself the center of attention but circulated among the guests in a casual and unassuming way. We have gotten so many comments similar to this one, “I didn’t even know he was taking my picture! When did he do that? I never even knew you had a photographer!” The quality of Scott’s pictures are fantastic! We love every single one! He even surprised us by pulling out his old polaroid camera and snapping some wonderful black and white pictures that are actually our favorites. We whole heartedly recommend Scott Quinn as a fantastic photographer for your next event!"

"Scott is an absolute dream to work with. He bent over backwards to make sure I was completely satisfied and didn’t have to spend a moment of my big day worrying. He was happy to meet with me several times in person and talk any time I wanted via phone or e-mail. His photographs are beautiful and truly capture the spirit of the wedding day. He even impressed my parents with his professionalism and how well he interacted with the guests, getting the pictures he needed without being pushy. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for a true professional who will do whatever they can to make the bride and groom to be happy."

"Scott Quinn is an excellent photographer. He is organized and professional. He genuinely cares about capturing the moments most important to the bride and groom, while adding his own creative spin. His work is extraordinary in that it has artist style merged with perfect technique. Scott is very personable which makes taking photos fun which allows for everyone to feel comfortable. I highly recommend Scott for any couple looking for creative and fun wedding photos!"

"Scott Quinn was a fantastic photographer. We were very happy with all of our shots and felt he really captured the feeling and emotion of our wedding day. He is very personable, (and NOT cheesy) and I think because of this he is able to catch the lighthearted, true- moment shots....not only the perfect posed statue ones. He is able to bring a life and artistic feel to photos, which is what I wanted. If you are looking for a standard, stock photographer who takes typical bridal photos- this is not your guy. Scott is WAY better, and will produce phenomenal photos instead of the every day boring ones. He took beautiful photos with tons of expression- and we would hire Scott again in a heartbeat to do an event."